MotoTech and CSTechLab join forces to create leading software development powerhouse
MotoTech, a leading software development company, and CSTechLab, a software factory based in Argentina, are pleased to announce that they have merged to form a new partnership under the name of Soko Solutions.

This strategic alliance will combine the strengths of both companies, Mototech’s expertise in software development with CSTechLab’s experience in software factory services, to create Soko, a comprehensive and dynamic tech solution provider.

Soko will offer a wide range of tech services from custom-built IT solutions to team augmentation and managed teams. The merger will bring together a group of 250 software and IT professionals enabling their clients access to a wider variety of services and support.

“We are excited to announce this merger, which marks an important milestone in the growth of both companies,” said Pablo Abdian, CEO of MotoTech. “With the combined strengths of both companies, we believe that we can provide our clients with a more comprehensive and competitive range of software development services.”

“The merger of MotoTech and CSTechLab represents a significant opportunity for both companies,” said Alejandro Peña, CEO of CSTechLab. “We are convinced that this alliance will enable us to offer an even higher level of service and support to our clients and help us to better meet the demands of the software development industry.”

About MotoTech:

MotoTech is a leading software development company that provides comprehensive IT services and helps build high-quality outsourced software teams. With a team of skilled developers and project managers, MotoTech leverages cutting-edge technologies to deliver innovative and cost-effective software solutions to clients. 

About CSTechLab:

CSTechLab is a leading software factory based in Argentina that is focused on digital transformation. With a team of experienced developers and innovative solutions, the company has helped numerous businesses across different industries streamline their processes and stay ahead in today’s digital landscape. 

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