A Journey to the Top of the Cloud:
SURA’s amazing success in its migration in just 6 months

Search, process and analysis of high-volume data in real time with the Soko Solutions Big Data platform.

The Challenge

SURA was operating on local servers (on-premise), which limited its scalability and availability. The company decided to migrate to the native cloud as part of a corporate decision, with the aim of improving efficiency, reducing opera- tional costs and ensuring the adaptability of its services. In addition, they sought to eliminate dependency on WSO2’s costly and highly specialized platform.

The Solution

Our team of experts, Azure Cloud Platform Architects, WSO2 experts, developers and testers, developed a “Specialized Migrator” from WSO2 to Node.js, integrat- ed to Microsoft Azure’s Logics Apps, Azure Functions and Serverless AKS frameworks in record time.

This strategy not only allowed to reduce the entire migration process estimated in 24 months to only 6 months including a rigorous performance testing, but also allows SURA to have a modern and high performance “Flexible Integra- tion” infrastructure with a strong orientation to “Open Insurance”.


Thanks to our solution, SURA achieved significant benefits:

Time and cost savings

The migration to the cloud was completed in only 6 months, which meant savings of more than two years of what a project of this magnitude would take. This change allowed us to improve Time To Market. In addition, by using cloud-native services, there were significant savings in virtual machines and infrastructure costs were reduced by 70%.

High performance and scalability

The cloud-native application developed in Node.js demonstrated extremely high performance, thanks to the best migration practices implemented. This allowed SURA to process large volumes of transactions in an efficient manner, ensuring greater growth capacity for the company.


Our team of architects and developers provided SURA with in-depth knowledge of modern architecture and tools, which guaranteed a successful implementation and optimal management of the platform through performance testing in the cloud.

In addition to the migration, we provided additional services to SURA, such as architecture, DevOps and security, to ensure that the company got a complete and customized solution.