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Technical procedure

AFAB Lab Resources provides quality used laboratory equipment, supplies and services. AFAB Lab Resources, LLC is a wholesale and service company providing laboratory equipment services and logistics, including wholesale laboratory equipment sales, settlement assistance, service contracts, and equipment purchase and relocation services to the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industry.

The Problem

Due to the fact that the current processes are mostly manual, the main problem and objective of the project was to improve the efficient use of time in routinary tasks. On the other hand, the knowledge of the business was concentrated in two people; processes independent of people are required, taking into account security aspects and access permissions.

The Solution

AFAB is working in a constant iteration process of development using agile methodology with Mototech as a solution partner, that allows to adjust the system according the lessons learned during their inside process discovery journey. At this moment,a first-level inventory management module was developed enabling AFAB to perform all their real life processes easy and fast into the system, with a complete tracking and traceability of each movement done in their warehouses. The project is still ongoing.

Planned Benefits

Prior to solution implementation, there was not a system to perform the daily activities and keep tracking of all the movements of sales and purchase. Also, manual work with focus on trying to trace the inventory consumed a lot of time and there was not standarized process.