Corpus Analyzer

The goal is to Identify and summarize the contents of a set of PDF documents and present them in a conversational format.

Web research

The goal is to conduct research and present reports on the companies specified by the user in a table format. The information provided by the tool includes: website address, company logo, funding, annual revenue, most stared github repository and a summary of their activities.

Chat with your data

Provide users with a convenient and interactive way to access information within PDF documents.

A Journey to the Top of the Cloud: SURA’s amazing success in its migration in just 6 months.

SURA was operating on local servers (on-premise), which limited its scalability and availability. The company decided to migrate to the native cloud as part of a corporate decision, with the aim of improving efficiency, reducing opera- tional costs and ensuring the adaptability of its services. In addition, they sought to eliminate dependency on WSO2's costly and highly specialized platform.

FEMSA. The Strategic Path to Automation

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) aims to revolutionize manual, repetitive, and inefficient processes by reducing costs and minimizing errors. However, it is crucial for businesses to avoid isolated RPA initiatives and embark on their automation journey with a well-defined goal and strategic plan in place.

Chat with your data

Soko helps clients stay ahead of financial crimes with their participation reporting service. Their expert team focuses on reducing fraud, criminal activity, and money laundering. With this service, clients can quickly access a person’s involvement in other companies, gaining an advantage in preventing financial crimes.